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About Kymm Nelsen

Kymm Nelsen has been helping leaders and professionals develop personal skills and self-mastery for 25 years. She specializes in supporting individuals and organizations through executive coaching and designing strategic development solutions to up-level beyond current limitations. Her organizational experience spans corporate, education, non-profit, and government agencies. She loves supporting entrepreneurs. top-tier leaders and individuals to develop self-mastery as they bring themselves and their organizations to peak performance. She often works with teens and young people to adopt a mindset of empowerment that guides their sometimes daunting journey through those challenging developmental years.

Ms. Nelsen has a deep background in personal development, entrepreneurship and industrial/organizational and consciousness psychology that has translated into helping individuals up-level their mindset, behaviors, ways of relating with others, and personal practices to achieve breakthrough results. Inspired from her deep commitment and dedication to helping uplift humanity, she is in mid-process completing doctoral research on leader consciousness and development. She brings expertise and a uniquely integrated approach that blends best practices and knowledge from a wide spectrum of disciplines (read about some of her varied experiences below).

Some Back Story

Way back in 1995, Kymm taught herself code and launched a web design business targeted to fill the market gap for small businesses to get online. She played a key role in helping leaders understand the burgeoning World Wide Web (answering the question “Why do I need a website? This whole internet thing will pass.” a zillion times) and guiding them to develop their online strategy, marketing and business model. She traveled the world teaching and speaking on tech solutions until she finally hung up her technology hat and fully immersed herself in organizational transformation and leadership development.

For many years, she specialized in creating highly interactive training experiences that helped participants build awareness, confidence, and skill in what Seth Godin calls the “real skills” of high performing professionals –  resiliency, flexibility, enthusiasm, etiquette, authenticity, alacrity, and passion, to name a few.  Her background in adult learning styles and deep learning techniques provided engaging classroom and seminar experiences that make learning fun and successful. She continues to leverage those skills in her coaching approach.

In addition to the multi-faceted career lens note above, Kymm is a student and teacher of Huna, the modern or Western label given to the ancient healing and spiritual shamanism of ancient Hawaii. She incorporates the philosophy of aloha and related Huna mindset and techniques into every aspect of her life, business, and work with clients. She feels deep gratitude and honor to help carry forward this 27-generation unbroken lineage.

Education & Qualifications

Ms. Nelsen began her professional education with a focus on Education as an undergrad, then shifted focus to earn a BA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She has an MS in Psychology and is currently in dissertation phase of her PhD in Social Psychology, focusing her research on adult ego development and lesson learned from social enterprise leaders.

Ms. Nelsen is a Master Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Coach and a certified trainer in NLP, Hypnosis, and MER (Mental-Emotional Release Therapy). She has completed advanced training in leadership coaching using an integral approach and continues to work with top-tier mentors to develop exceptional acumen in leader development and self-mastery.


Ms. Nelsen’s training expertise, personal empowerment approach, and coaching skills have taken her inside some of the world’s most successful organizations, including Nike, Kaiser Permanente, University of California Davis Center for Human Services, and the US Department of Defense, to name a few. Over the course of her career, she has evaluated communications, generated strategies for performance improvement, and developed countless training and professional development programs that set new levels for personal and organizational achievement. In addition to corporate clients, she has consulted and trained federal, state, and county agencies, colleges and universities, non-profits, and 100s of small businesses from start-up sole proprietors to emerging leaders in their markets.


PhD(c), Social Psychology, Walden University (slated for conference in 2024)

MS, Psychology. Walden University (2017)

BA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Argosy University (2014)
Graduated Summa Cum Laude  (GPA 4.0)
(Ms. Nelsen returned to school after a 25-yr hiatus)

Professional and Industry Certifications

Certified Trainer in NLP
Association for Integrative Psychology
International Federation of NLP

Certified Trainer in Hypnosis and Time Empowerment® Techniques (TET)
Member of the Association for Integrative Psychology
Master NLP Coach and Master NLP Practitioner
Association for Integrative Psychology
International NLP Coach Association
Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotherapist
Association for Integrative Psychology
National Guild of Hypnotists

12-month Health Coach Training, Hilton Johnson, Inc. (2012)


Ms. Nelsen is a passionate supporter of Conscious Capitalism and B Lab – organizations that further the practice of socially responsible business and conscious leadership. She is a member of the Association for Integrative Psychology, the International Federation of NLP, and the International NLP Coaching Association.