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Transform the workplace

For this first post on the Great Life blog, I’ll begin by saying that I’m on a mission to help improve your life or the life of someone you love.  I sure hope so.

Change is in the air. Hopefully for you.
Do you or someone you love work as an employee in an organization? If so, you should know that there is a change happening that could impact your world. That is, if you’re fortunate to work for a company that holds people-focused values.

Since the industrial revolution, business has been focused on profit at all cost, which unfortunately meant at the expense of employee well-being.  It doesn’t make sense, really, because people make profit possible.  Without people, there is no business and no profit. Without dedicated, engaged employees, companies cannot compete in the marketplace. Without a workplace that fosters well-being, companies cannot attract the best talent and the brightest innovators. People are the core of successful business.

The business world is changing.  
Nowadays, new trends are swelling up that have already started a transformation of that archaic “profits at all costs” mindset.  Large companies like Trader Joe’s,  Costco, Google, and smaller ones like Rose City Mortgage in Portland, OR are putting the well-being of their people first.  These leaders recognize that happy people mean happy profits.

Great Life joins the mission to transform business and workplaces.
Great Life is another organization that believes that people matter.  We aim to spread the word about the benefits of conscious capitalism and teach leaders how to create work environments that nurture well-being.  This blog is a major step for us as we hone our message and join in the ground swell of hope for a better way of life for millions of employees around the world.  We hope you will join us on the adventure ahead!