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“People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses.”

One of the most vital investments companies can make is to develop their people, especially leaders. Gallup studied 7,272 U.S. adults and found that the reason 50% of employees left their job was “to get away from their manager to improve their overall life.”

Another Gallup finding demonstrates that managersʻ engagement makes or break your retention numbers.

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Stress Reduction, Mentoring, and Other People Skills

Stress reduction, mentoring, and other people skills fall under the category of “soft skills.” Soft skills are those hard-to-measure abilities that enable us to interact effectively with others, achieve our goals, and work effectively within groups and teams.

Effective soft skills training includes the “how to” of each skill together with the mindset and self-esteem that empowers those abilities.

Kymm Nelsen, principle trainer at Great Life, brings a unique, multi-discipline approach to training design that supports individual needs while driving toward successful business outcomes. Our topics focus on stress reduction, mentoring, leading teams with heart, developing self-mastery, effective communication, and aligning personal and professional goals.

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Our Course Offerings

Our programs are provided to organizations primarily, with public offerings made available on occasion. These courses can be requested in traditional instructor-led format or engaging online training. Additionally, we provide spot-training for individuals to support a more customized experience for a specific focus. See our courses below. Details, information, and syllabus for in-house training is available upon request.

Individualized Small Group Coaching for High Polish Communications

In-Person: Limited to 4 participants
Online: N/A

AUDIENCE: Experienced Leaders, Managers, and Professionals
DURATION: 3 full days
DATES: Aug 25 – Aug 27, 2023
FEE: $1300 (meals and lodging not included)
LOCATION: Portland, OR

INSTRUCTOR: Kymm J. Nelsen

This highly personalized small group experience provides individual communication coaching and advanced communication skill development. Ideally suited for individuals who strive to communicate more fully within their unique personal style while maintaining an effective professional demeanor. Benefits of this specialized training include:

Address personal limiting mindsets and associated behaviors related to communication to create more flexibility in thought and action

Practice skills to identify deep language patterns that provide insight to “unspoken” qualities of mindset and motivation

Listen for embedded assumptions and develop the skills to gracefully illuminate them to enhance mutual understanding

Prepare for critical conversations with strategies that reduce stress, neutralize points of conflict, and clarify mutual benefits to achieve positive outcomes

Recognize and develop strategies to address personal stress triggers that inhibit emotional intelligence and contribute to ineffective communication

Gain confidence through a variety of role playing scenarios with the instructor and others in the cohort

Personal coaching from the instructor in alignment with your individual communication goals for the course

Request Registration

Due to the small size of this cohort, Kymm asks you to contact her to request registration. Upon acceptance, Kymm will arrange your invoice and payment by Zelle, ACH, or credit card.

Make Stress Your Ally

In-Person: Up to 30 participants
Online: Up to 100 participants

Recognize how to adapt your stress response to generate improved performance and productivity. In this course, participants complete an assessment to identify their personal stress profile and learn how to leverage the benefits of stress appropriately. Backed by cutting-edge stress research from the Stanford Mind & Body Lab, this course is a must have for successful onboarding and performance maintenance. Request info on this course

Peer Mentoring in the Workplace

In-Person: Up to 30 participants
Online: Up to 100 participants

Develop basic mentoring skills to help employees create mutually supportive relationships with each other to enhance work interactions and encourage cooperative focus on business goals. Request info on this course

Communicating Effectively Under Stress

In-Person: Up to 20 participants
Online: Up to 100 participants

This course provides concepts, techniques, and practice to help individuals maintain their cool in difficult situations and communicate with mindful awareness of the impact of tone, wording, body language, and clarifying shared intentions to accomplish mutually beneficial outcomes. Request info on this course

Mastering the Art of Effective Communication Program

In-Person: Up to 20 participants
Online: Up to 50 participants

This comprehensive program covers the full set of skills that empower individuals to become effective communicators. Participants learn concepts and skills such as, the role of perception,  identifying and adapting to communication styles, rapport-building using verbal and non-verbal methods, depersonalization techniques, and active listening. Additionally, participants complete an assessment to determine email communication style and develop strategies to enhance their strengths and mitigate potential negative impacts. Request info on this program

Aligning Individual and Organizational Goals

In-Person: Up to 30 participants
Online: Up to 100 participants

Personal alignment with organizational goals supports employees to find meaning and reduce friction in their day to day work environments. Participants will identify personal goals and recognize how those goals relate to their associated small groups, project teams, or larger organization. This process minimizes conflicts, increases motivation, and facilitates a cohesive approach to a achieve a common goal.

Goal Setting Mastery

In-Person: Up to 30 participants
Online: Up to 100 participants

This course takes SMART goals to a new level. Goal Mastery is a required set of skills for professionals to eliminate the unconscious resistance and self-sabotage that prevents many from achieving the outcomes they’ve set. Research indicates that a critical reason people fail to get results is a discrepancy between conscious self-esteem and unconscious self-esteem. This course curates the best techniques from psychology, NLP, and hypnosis to make it fast and easy to conquer those hidden obstacles. Request info on this course

Turning Conflict to Cooperation

In-Person: Up to 30 participants
Online: Up to 100 participants

A vital course to help individuals develop the necessary skills to deal with conflicts effectively through personal awareness, in-the-moment techniques, and handling critical conversations to support solutions and business objectives. Request info on this course

To learn more about these offerings and discuss the specifics of your request, contact us by email or phone, (503) 516-2273.