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Personal and Leadership Development Coaching

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My clients are typically (but not exclusively) leaders and entrepreneurs because they often face significant challenges in balancing and integrating their personal and work experiences with their greater meaning in life. I help my clients open to and expand their personal growth, guide them to integrate their path with their work, and help them live in ways that bring harmony in all they do. They thrive working with me because, while I’m goal-oriented, I help them harmonize their achievements with their beingness. I help them live more fully, aligning all they do with meaning and purpose. It’s a challenging, fun, and highly transformational experience.

How does it work?

It’s a six month program that begins with a personal breakthrough session.

You will complete your personal profile and participate in a deep-level transformational breakthrough session with me related to your key area of focus to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs, along with ho’oponopono (a forgiveness process).  This 8-hour session over 2 days includes evidence-based psychological and spiritual/energetic techniques from NLP, hypnosis, and Huna.  (Throughout the coaching program, I will teach you how to do these processes on your own to empower your self-care.)

Then…Weekly Coaching Sessions via Phone or Zoom video call + Text & Email Support
The coaching sessions begin within days of your breakthrough. You will build from your breakthrough to put the change into action. I will help you design your clear goals based on my Genius Goals™ process, an approach that takes SMART goals to the next level. Genius Goals™ connect your aims (enduring lifetime outcomes) and your tangible end goals to your breakthrough. You will develop and practice the skills and strategies to support your goal achievement. We also continue to evaluate what “stuff” comes up and practice honing your new self-care skills. As we go, the changes begin to show up immediately. You witness yourself living from the new level you achieved, experiencing life with new eyes and new ways of being.

Why get a coach?

Having a Coach changes the game. It helps you level-up, play bigger in your life and your work. It gives that vital outside perspective that enables you see yourself and how you’re showing up in leadership, relationships, and for yourself as you fulfill your own purpose and Path. With a coach, the impact you make accelerates and expands.

The greatest power of humanity is our ability to assist each other along the path, to reach out a hand and help another get over a rough spot. Personal development consulting, mentoring, coaching, and education does exactly that.

I bring a comprehensive collection of techniques including traditional coaching models, hypnosis, NLP, proven alternative therapies, and Huna (aloha, forgiveness, and being pono) techniques to help people improve relationships (at home and at work), improve performance, and breakthrough pain and limitations from the past.

Curious? Ready to learn more?

A simple phone call or email will give us a chance to get to know each other and see if this is a good fit.  Please contact our offices by email or phone to inquire about an appointment with Ms. Nelsen.  Call or text (503) 516-2273 to schedule an inquiry.