Focused Breakthrough Sessions - Great Life with Kymm Nelsen

Work with personal development specialist, Kymm Nelsen. Ms. Nelsen guides you to challenge the old beliefs and strategies that are getting in the way of your success. You’ll experience results, change, and empowerment at a very deep level.

Using Combined Human Change Technologies for Maximum Results:
Mindset + Huna + Hypnosis + NLP

“It’s true, disease is a result of unrecognized energy stored in the Unconscious. I am learning how to recognize that negative energy and release it. I will be forever grateful to Kymm for sharing her expertise and knowledge. She taught me exercises that I can use whenever I want to access the information stored in the Unconscious. She showed me I had the courage to open doors I didn’t believe I could open.” – Kibbey H. Rock
Human changes occur with the deepest and longest lasting results when we work at all levels of human consciousness. By combining techniques from Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and Huna, backed by cutting-edge psychological research, clients achieve maximum results. This approach makes the breakthrough session the preferred intervention therapy for solving problems in career, relationships, health, fitness, spirituality or family life.

A personal breakthrough session takes two forms, depending on the problem the client is experiencing. Read on for more details about each type.  Or, if you are experiencing one of these specific issues, you can jump to that topic: stop smoking, lose weight, and performance improvement.

Breakthrough Type 1: Therapeutic

You know the problem. You want to solve it.

Typical clients include those suffering from health issues, being stuck in a repetitive pattern/situation, trouble with career or relationships, emotional struggles from the past or current experiences, and chronic pain.

This intervention is deep and life-changing. Clients experience shifts immediately and continue to integrate the changes over the days, weeks and months following our time together. Most people report a complete shift in their outlook on health, relationships, personal growth, and other areas of their life. That’s the purpose of a personal breakthrough session – to breakthrough the past problems and create a new and vibrant future for you.

Breakthrough Type 2: Life Change

I just feel stuck.

Sometimes people are just struggling with something that has no specific name or label. It’s a vague feeling, perhaps of unease or listlessness, a sense of lacking purpose or maybe it even has a touch of frustration. You might describe it as begin “stuck”.

[box title=”” bg_color=”#ffffaf” align=”left”]Kymm’s approach is highly observational, yet human, and she has an astonishing ability to connect with my needs, align my needs with goals, and inspire me to pinpoint the steps for achieving those goals. Kymm, you have a gift, and I thank you for sharing it with me. I am ready to move forward with greater awareness, confidence, and peace of mind. Thank you!  – Laurie Eshleman [/box]

Often, people feel stuck when they reach a point of change; when they’ve stopped growing in a certain area of life and it’s time to take action. Typically they need some assistance with interpreting the messages they are getting from inside, so that they can create a solution that feels right and launches them forward into a powerful future.

For those experiencing this sort of problem,  a personal breakthrough session is the effective way to take action. The focus is on a specific area of life, such as:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Personal Growth
  • Family
  • Spirituality

After clients identify the key area that will create the most impact, they begin an in-depth process with Kymm to identify and eliminate the conflicts and issues that underlay the problem. Remember, this is NOT therapy. This is specific to how the client “does” the problem and the mindset that makes it possible.  The intervention resolves those conflicts and supercharges that area of the client’s life to create the desired change.

What happens?

No two interventions are the same, yet each begins alike. First, the client completes an in-depth interview to reveal the conscious and unconscious details of the presenting problem. Kymm then designs a personalized intervention that releases the problem and guides the client to healing and resolving any remaining symptoms. Together, hidden blocks to success are discovered and removed. This is a 8-12 hour process, usually divided into three or four sessions.

Is this right for me? What guarantee do I have?

For those who are ready to get to the root of the problem and clear it out, then yes, this is the right step.  When sessions are complete, we confirm that the goal was achieved. The changes continue to integrate and expand as clients take action in their daily lives.  Kymm continues to support the client after the intervention is over, as needed.

Some comments from Kymm

[box title=”” bg_color=”#999999″ align=”left”]”I love to do personal breakthrough sessions with people because you experience tremendous shift in every area of life, not just the one you focused on. Everything is connected and you get the benefit of healing in many ways. It’s a powerful process that will change your outlook, your results, and your life. ” [/box]

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