Goal Mastery: Getting the results you want

Are you still setting SMART goals? Why aren’t you setting genius goals?

A 4-hour workshop to become a genius at mastering your goals

Setting goals, but not getting them?
Making bad choices when you know you could do better?

Do you self-sabotage?
Do you have sucky relationships at work or home?

As a master hypnotherapist, I help clients solve these problems every day.  I’ve decided to share my secrets  so that you can get the results you want. Keep reading because you CAN do things better. What you learn in this class gives you the secret to achieving your goals and getting your results.

Conquer the Enemy Inside workshop for career successUnconscious Self-Esteem & the Failure to Get Goals

Research indicates that a critical reason people fail to get results is a discrepancy between conscious self-esteem and unconscious self-esteem. The unconscious holds the key to your success. If you already know how to set goals and make them SMART, but you still get inconsistent results, it is likely an issue in the unconscious self-esteem.

The Unconscious isn’t really your enemy.  But it feels like it, doesn’t it? The truth is, once you understand how it works and get effective tools to work with it, it becomes your best friend.

What’s Inside this Class

This class offers required skills for professionals, small business owners, and those who have important missions in life. It’s packed with what you need to get results. Kymm has cherry-picked the best techniques from psychology, NLP, and hypnosis to make it fast and easy to conquer the unknown inside. These techniques are some of the ones that get Kymm’s clients such amazing results.  Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Recognize early warning signs
  • Respond to inner warnings before it’s too late
  • Use your Conscious Mind to tap into the Unconscious
  • Set goals that produce consistent results
  • Stay in “the flow” for optimal experiences
  • Develop a working model of your own behaviors

Kymm guides you each step of the way with hands-on practice, personally focused exercises to help you reveal your own barriers to success, and expert insights from a variety of disciplines.

Bonus - 30 minute Session with KymmBONUS! One-on-One Private Session with Kymm  – An $85 Value!

As a valued student, you get a free 30-minute follow-up session with Kymm! Use this time however you’d like. You can fine-tune your goal, do a hypnosis session, or whatever. You can’t beat this deal!


April 4, 2014
10 am – 2 pm
$79   Register now!   CLICK TO REGISTER
(PLUS, you get the bonus free 30-minute private session with Kymm!)

Moxie Studio
5010 NE 9th Ave, Unit B
Portland, OR 97211