Unleash Your Inner Power with Self-Hypnosis - Great Life with Kymm Nelsen

Hypnotist Secrets Revealed!

  • The vital role your Unconscious Mind plays in keeping you healthy, wealthy, and wise
  • How your Unconscious Mind speaks to you
  • How to craft suggestions to get the best results
  • How to slip past the internal guard
  • How to tap into the “hard drive” of your mind
  • Three self-hypnosis techniques that can be used to solve any type of problem

Use self-hypnosis for well-being and success – Tap into that 90% of your brain that you don’t use. Learn self-hypnosis to ramp up your results when you use it to reduce stress, sleep better, lose weight, improve sports performance, up your happiness factor, and supercharge your goals. Self-hypnosis is easy to learn and research has proven it is highly effective when done correctly.

Self-hypnosis is not the same as doing “positive affirmations.”  You can’t trick your Unconscious Mind into feeling or doing things that go against its programming. What you can do is tap into your internal hard drive and begin to reprogram what’s stored there. This class gives you the know-how and skill to do that.

Learn why hypnosis works, how to boost brain power, tap into inner resources, and an easy method of self-hypnosis that can be incorporated easily into daily life. Join Master Hypnotist and wellness coach/educator Kymm Nelsen to learn this powerful skill and apply it immediately to improve personal results in every area of life.


Date & Time: October 11,  9-12pm
: $39 Early Bird until Oct 10,  Regular Price $49 at door

Good Health Naturally
3606 Main Street, Suite 205
Vancouver, WA 98663-2257

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About the Presenter

Kymm Nelsen, Wellness Coach and Educator, Master HypnotherapistKymm Nelsen is a Master Hypnotherapist, Master Coach and certified trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is a dedicated student of Huna, the ancient science and mystism of Hawaii, and brings that deep tradition of spiritual accountability and responsibility to all her trainings.

As a life long learner who is fascinated with human development, Kymm expands her studies constantly, delving into new discoveries in the learning sciences, holistic living, metaphysics, mysticism, and psychology. She brings these insights to her trainings in ways that deepen the meaning of life, career and the pursuit of happiness. She invites her students to join her in an adventure of self-discovery and the global emergence of our highest human potential.