Control Your Drinking

Do you want to control your drinking?

Do people call you an alcoholic but you know you’re not?
Do they say you have a drinking problem and should get help?
Do you drink daily or consider yourself a “heavy social drinker”?
Do you value privacy and confidentiality?

It’s not too late. Act now.

Unhappy woman from drinkingJust because you drink a lot doesn’t mean you’re an alcoholic.  It likely means that you’re in a high stress profession or an emotionally difficult situation.  Your drinking may be causing problems with your spouse or family members who say you have a drinking problem. Your job or entire career may be on the line.  The consequences of allowing this to go on are damaging and painful to you and others, and, unfortunately, those damages can last a lifetime. You may have thought about getting help, but the typical options  – alcohol treatment centers and 12 Step programs – just won’t work for you.  The good news is…you have another option. It’s not too late. You can finish the downward spiral before it finishes you. Read on.

High Pressure Professions and Drinking

High pressure professions drink too muchAttorneys, physicians, financial advisers, executives, and business owners – you know how much pressure you feel every day. You carry a lot of responsibility and it never stops.  A drink helps you relax. Maybe two.  There’s no problem with that until two becomes three and three leads to more.  You end up drunk more often that you should be and it’s beginning to affect your life.  That martini lunch has you too buzzed to be at the top of your game.  Stumbling to bed drunk leaves you waking up fuzzy and slow to start your busy day.  The reality of losing your career or being left in the dust is getting closer every day. It’s time to take action now before it’s too late.

Emotionally Difficult Situations and Drinking

Woman unhappy drinkingLife gets rough sometimes, doesn’t it? It could be divorce, loss of a job, death of a loved one, or family troubles that seem insurmountable.

Fear and anxiety. Anger. Sadness.  Frustration. A drink helps ease that horrible feeling. It’s better to be a little buzzed than to keeping worrying or thinking about the situation.  The problem comes when one drink leads to another, then another, and then you’re passed out on the couch or stumbling to bed drunk.  The people and goals that are most important to you are falling into despair because you can’t control the drinking. If you don’t do something, you know how it’s going to turn out…and that’s not acceptable.  The clock is ticking, though. You need to take action now.

How do you get out of the drinking downward spiral?

Depressed drinker with wineYou don’t have to take time off work to get treatment. You don’t have to stand in front of a group of people and admit you’re an alcoholic.  But, you do need to take action. Kymm’s program helps you get on top of that drinking problem and stop the downward spiral.  From day one, you begin getting back on track and soon you’re living life the way you meant to.  The program is proven to work. It’s confidential and it guides you to make the change from the inside out.   You figure out what caused the over-drinking in the first place and deal with it through a combination of hypnosis, coaching, and support. Then you design the way you want it to be. You decide how much you want to drink and how that looks for you.  Kymm helps evaluate your plan, measuring and applying it against a number of psychological and personal development standards that ensure the change becomes part of your daily life.

Get started now. Don’t let it get any worse. Call or set up your consultation today.

The program length and cost varies depending on individual needs. Cost typically ranges from $2500 – $4000. This includes initial treatment and ongoing support as you integrate the changes into your daily routine and navigate through the complexities of re-establishing trust in your various relationships. You have the option to choose how much support you need and the length of time you’d like that support after the treatment portion of the program is complete. Again, the process is private and confidential. You can take charge of your drinking without fearing embarrassment.

The best way to get started is to request a no-cost 20 minute consultation using this form, or call the office at 503-516-2273 or 360-699-9284.  If you prefer, you may send an email to . Daytime, evening, and Saturday appointments are available for your convenience.