Definitions & Common Terms

If this is your first venture into personal transformation work, you may enjoy reading these definitions to help you understand the common terms we use in this field of human potential development.

Coaching – A collaborative process between a client and coach where the client determines his or her goals and together they work out strategies and steps to achieve the goals. This is not therapy. Coaching is about here and now.  Learn more >

Unconscious Mind — The aspect of your self that operates automatically to maintain your body’s health, stores your emotions and memories (and assigns meaning to them), generates your behaviors (good or bad), and is in charge of getting the goals you set consciously.  Learn more at the Dream Interpretation class or Self-Hypnosis workshop, or learn about having a hypnosis session >

Conscious Mind — The aspect of yourself that thinks logically, makes plans, sets goals, and manages day-to-day tasks. Learn more at the Make Your Great Life seminar>

Internal Conflict — The state of mind where the Conscious and the Unconscious Mind are not working toward the same intentions. You may experience inconsistent results and emotional turmoil when you have internal conflict. Resolving internal conflict is one of the goals of Huna, hypnosis and NLP.  Resolve an internal conflict >

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) — NLP first emerged in the early 1970’s with Richard Bandler and David Grinder. NLP is a dynamic science that analyzes how humans do the things we do. How do we create our behaviors and how is our language, neurology, and physiology related to those outcomes? The most successful professionals in Family Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Behavioral Psychology, Linguistics and Semantic sciences were modeled to create a collection of tools we can use in our daily lives to have direct impact on our behaviors, emotions and beliefs.  NLP-based sessions >

Time line techniques — Time line techniques are therapeutic techniques developed in the mid-80’s to assist clients to release negative emotions, limiting beliefs and other ineffective impacts from the past. Time Line techniques allow you to release memories and negative emotions from the past that are interfering with your ability to create the life you want today. It works in minutes rather than days, months or years. Easy to use and easy to learn, I teach these effective tools to all my clients for life-long self-healing.  More about Time Line techniques>

Hypnosis — Accessing your Unconscious Mind by deliberately initiating a relaxed state of “trance” that enables you to understand and change your physical and emotional health, your beliefs and motivations. Hypnosis is a natural brain and body function, commonly associated with the Alpha brain wave.   More >

Hypnotherapy — The practice of using hypnosis to support and encourage healing on an emotional, physical or spiritual level. Interventions are designed based on the presenting problem and related issues revealed during interviews.  More about personal breakthrough sessions>