Personal Development Consulting

Every person should and can have a great life, the one dreamed of as children, the one that brings our greatest joys. You can learn to make your great life happen. The power is within each of us to create the life we desire. Sometimes we just need a little help.

I’ve heard said that you are born with your two things, your talents and guidance from within. My greatest joy is to help people re-awaken that voice inside for those who’ve forgotten, and to help guide those who remember.
– Kymm Nelsen

High Pressure/High Stress Professionals

Many times, professionals bow to the pressure of their careers and sacrifice important aspects of health, relationships, family, and/or spirituality that are vital to maintaining the level of excellence they aspire to.

Ms. Nelsen provides personal development consulting and mentoring to high stress professionals who want to make a significant personal breakthrough to improve the quality of their relationships, health, or improve performance at work. She also helps professionals  manage or control excessive drinkingsuccessfully quit smoking, or eliminate other destructive habits and behaviors that are getting in the way of their success.

Why professionals get help

The greatest power of humanity is our ability to assist each other along the path, to reach out a hand and help another get over a rough spot. Personal development consulting, mentoring, coaching, and education does exactly that.

Ms. Nelsen uses a full collection of techniques including traditional coaching models, hypnosis, NLP, proven alternative therapies, and Huna techniques to help people stop smoking, lose weight, improve performance, and breakthrough the pain from the past. A simple phone call or email will get you started.  Appointments are available in person at her Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA office, or via Skype for those who are located a distance away. Please contact our offices by email or phone to inquire about an appointment with Ms. Nelsen.  Call (503) 516-2273 or (360) 699-9284 to begin.