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Great Life focuses on improving workplace environments to help organizations accomplish their purpose  with leadership that takes care of people, stakeholders, and the community.  Happy people mean happy profits. Our management training program is designed to help create positive leaders who help  employees be more effective.  We also train and coach employees to shift their stress mindset for improved health and performance.

Founder and managing director, Kymm Nelsen, brings 20 years of training expertise to create out-of-the-box and custom soft skills training for corporations, HR outsourcing agencies, and HR consultants.  She also provides expert personal development consulting services to assist high-pressure professionals resolve career conflicts, deal with destructive behaviors, and accelerate success.

NEXT EVENT: Tues, Feb 16, at the noon I Take the Lead Macadam B2B meeting in Portland, OR
Make Stress Your Power Partner – Looking for the upper hand in business? Stress can be your best ally. Come learn how to change your stress mindset so that you aren’t trapped in the “fight-or-flight” response. Your success depends on harnessing that stress energy and putting it to work for you. Visit I Take the Lead for details.

Curiosity. Intention. Mindset. Focus. Action. Results.
These characteristics drive people forward toward their goals. Organizations must foster each step of this process to realize profitability. You’ve come to the right place.

Explore our site to learn how Great Life assists organizations and individuals to actualize their goals through transformational soft skills training and personal development consulting.

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