Welcome to Great Life!

Since you’re here, that might be a sign that you are ready to make a meaningful shift in your life. I am here to empower you with the tools and guidance to unlock your full potential and achieve outstanding personal and professional growth.

Think of me as your dedicated partner on this transformative journey toward a great life. Whether you’re longing to ignite your career, improve your relationships, or boost your overall well-being, together we will develop a tailored coaching program that fits your unique goals and aspirations.

I needed to find help, and I went on the Bark website where I found Kymm, and working with her has changed my life, Kymm is amazing and incredibly uplifting and empowering. She also is very supportive of veterans and service members. She is an amazing resource, and is easily worth more than she charges for coaching sessions. I would not be where I am today without her, thank you Bark, and thank you Kymm.
– Noah Carlson

My Promise to You

You will be transformed and breakthrough to a new version of you
– in the way you lead, in the quality of your relationships, your growth on your Path, the direction of your career, and every area of your life.

Having a Coach changes the game. It helps you level-up, play bigger in your life and your work. It gives that vital outside perspective that enables you see yourself and how you’re showing up in leadership, relationships, and for yourself as you fulfill your own purpose and Path. With a coach, the impact you make accelerates and expands.

Live with Gusto!

Individual Coaching

Working with me, you have a personal development coach who has worked with executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals who want to up-level their lives. I’ve been guiding personal transformation for over 20 years through coaching, training, and consulting. As my client, you will thrive and their organizations transform with them.

Leader Coaching

Leadership invites you into your own personal growth. As a leader, youʻve noticed yourself being stretched beyond the edge of your comfort zone. It happens to all leaders. It forces you to overcome your limitations in self-mastery, communication skills, perspective-taking, staying focused and cool under stress, being proactive instead of reactive. The list goes on. There is nothing heroic about doing this alone. Every good leader has a good coach and I excel at taking you to the next level.

Organizational Coaching Program

Today’s leaders are operating in complex multi-generational and multi-cultural environments where lack of emotional intelligence and unconscious bias can have unforeseen impacts on organizational culture, performance, talent acquisition, and retention. Navigating these complexities is like a mine field of unknowns that can explode with the smallest misstep.

This is where my coaching comes in. Leaders maintain focus on execution while simultaneously meeting the challenge of leveling up to their personal best version of leadership. My leadership coaching provides support for leadership teams that are modernizing traditional business cultures to meet the needs of today’s work force and social demands for accountability and purpose. Read more…

Leaders excel with coaching