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What clients say about working with Kymm…

I was lucky to have been Kymm’s contact information by a friend who had met with her and was very impressed.  I was having difficulty dealing with recent issues.  I was stuck and could not seem to move forward. Kymm is strongly intuitive and has an uncanny ability to focus directly on those habits which had gotten me where I was.  Through her I was able to improve my energy and change those thought processes which were holding me back.  It requires training, and some degree of work and focus, but the results are obvious.  I now can recognize those pitfalls and move forward without being trapped in my old behaviors. Sometimes the hardest part is getting started.  Contact Kymm, and see for yourself what she can do for you!

John C., Toutdale, OR

John C.
I became acquainted with Ms. Nelsen in December of 2012, I adored and respected her due diligence, as she was efficient.  My first encounter with Ms. Nelsen was a smoking cessation. I’ve smoked cigarettes on and off for fifteen years and quit several times…yet each time returned in a year or two.  Ms. Nelsen’s pragmatic approach with common sense reason, combined with hypnosis, has made me a non-smoker. I have not one iota of interest to smoke again – a truly wonderful feeling of being in control of my path in my life.

Since then, I needed help in order for me to be content with my journey through life. Ms. Nelsen was equal to the task. Through her wit, abilities and hypnosis, Ms. Nelsen aided me to fundamentally control my drinking. Now, I decide to have a drink or decide not to. I have the control – not anyone else! I’m currently working with Ms. Nelsen regarding my health and fitness path and goals, and am obtaining great success.

I personally recommend this choice of action to ascertain and achieve your goals, albeit you must want to choose your destination of your life, health and create your way. Ms. Nelsen can aid you to get to your goals.

WB, Vancouver, WA


For 25 years I have been empowering people of all ages, in almost every possible business environment, to become more efficient and productive in their business processes and deliverables through consulting as well as training to utilize computer software.  About 5 years ago I had the opportunity to work with Kymm to develop a better sense of my goals.  This involved a re-evaluation of my core values, addressing issues that weren’t aligning with my values, and identifying an action plan that would keep me on track.  I was amazed at how little time was required to feel more grounded, and to make some very real and significant changes in my life.  Kymm’s approach is personalized, productive, and empowering.  Thanks Kymm!

Laurie Eshleman
Principle, Consultant, Trainer

Laurie E.